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The Wonderfully


World of Art 

The eARTh Messengers

Each of my creations has their own stories, their own messages of eco-awareness to share, and each one is an eARTh Messenger. I feel compelled to share their messages on how we must connect and learn to love one another, and learn to love our planet, in order to save our home.

- Kay

A portion from every sale earmarked for donation to an environmental charity.

Free Domestic Shipping


What footprint are you leaving?

Enchanted Spiders

Available for adoption. One-of-a-kind, hand-created assemblage spiders made of beads, crystals, and wire.


Ancient, inter-dimensional, hair covered beings teaching us humans the value and meaning of love.


They want you to love the environment as much as they do.


Green Ones

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth.  Green Ones are symbols of rebirth, representing the cycle of growth each spring.


of Nature

Made with small glass beads inside a bangle bracelet frame.

I am an artist who creates unique, one of a kind works of he’Art from re-purposed, discarded and otherwise unloved materials to give them new life and a new purpose.


- Kay

Inhale Fresh Air, Exhale Magic

Magical Wands!

One-of-a-kind, hand-created assemblage wands that are as unique as you.

Remember... this is only a tool. The Real Magic is inside You! 


Looking out for you!

Rainbow Wine Charms

As one of a kind as each rainbow

Window Bling

As our Sun provides shining, refracting bling of each crystal, it calls us to remember and celebrate our own light essence from which we came and of which we  still are.  

Sun Catchers

“Moons, stars and spaceships spin thru infinity; at the center of it all, there is love.”  (I always add a heart at the center of the Universe.)

Ruth Buzzies

Named in honor of the hilariously funny and very talented comedienne, Ruth Buzzi, these happy, hovering little friends, like Ms. Buzzi, are harbingers of joy.  

Bird's Nest 


These tiny little nests with eggs represent an eternal feeling of Spring, as life continually begins anew every day.

 Sending out love to the inhabitants of our world and the entire universe! 

- Kay


More than logical, it's ECOlogical!


Mermaids are here to bring eco-awareness to the world about clean water.



Wear your Mermaid Love!

Repurposing, Reusing, Recycling.

It’s the only way to save the Planet.

- Kay


Beads, bits and bobs are brought together and magically come to life in human form. 

Rock & Roll


Bring out your Rock Star!

Chakra Beings

When the chakras are aligned properly and vibrating perfectly, they come together, diamond-like, pure, and radiant.

Fairy Godmothers

She delights in sowing the seeds of love, granting the wishes of the pure at heart, spreading sparkling magic, and spoiling well behaved grandchildren.


Homage to honor Mother Earth.

- Kay


Mother Nature creates a beautiful variety of colorful gemstones and crystals from which we gracefully adorn our bodies and gratefully absorb the healing, beneficial vibrations.

Assemblage Art

Various baubbles and bits of jewelry that nobody wanted amazingly came together, found new life as something entirely different, and became beautiful again because it was loved. 

Flower Vase

Celebrating the beauty and wonder of Nature.


Beautifully marks the spot and patiently awaits the reader’s return.

Fab Key Fobs

Lightweight yet colorful key fobs keep your keys visible, whether they’re in the bottom of your bag or on a countertop.

Fan Pulls

My Funky Fan Pulls come in all shapes, colors and sizes, to fit a wide array of interior design schemes and palettes.

Art is where you find it, even in unloved, unwanted, discarded materials. 

- Kay 

Re. Cycle

Posh Pins

Huge push pins adorned with jewelry are perfect to hang your necklaces in a gorgeous display or to give your cork board some new attitude.

Reefer Magnets

Post daily reminders and beautify your Ice Box with gorgeous bits of bling.



Eeniebodies© are polymer clay art characters from all walks of life, typically about 4" tall (they're eenie), and most don't have faces so they can be anybody


Inspired polymer characters

A portion from every sale earmarked for donation to an environmental charity.

Free Domestic Shipping

Man On The Moon Magnets

Vintage KAYotic Art circa '99


Have something special in mind? 

Reach out!

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